Park Clinic -  Specialist Medical and Dental Centre
Independent healthcare
Park Clinic is a specialist medical and dental practice in a popular location of Northampton overlooking Abington Park.
Our Victorian town-house has been tastefully renovated and designed to accommodate a multi-speciality polyclinic with the facilities one would expect to find in a modern hospital. 
Our group of hospital consultants and senior medical practitioners have worked closely to organise a convenient health facility, ensuring that specialist care is available without long waiting lists and at affordable prices.
We are delighted to accept both GP, Dentist and self-referring patients not just from Northampton but also from other regions.
We currently offer the following specialities,but are constantly striving to provide additional areas of expertise
  • Dental Surgery High standard of full dental care, white fillings, cosmetic and tooth whitening, Crowns, dental implants and high quality dental prosthetic treatment (Dentures and bridges). We offer treatment under sedation and emergencies. We are accepting patients for private treatment and basic dental treatments on NHS package with an advantage of high quality filling materials and specialist care with no time limitations.
  • Specialist Oral Surgery Well experienced hospital based consultant is providing this specialized service outside hospital dealing with difficult extractions, wisdom teeth problems, treatment of abscessed teeth and facial swellings, facial pain management including jaw joint problems and Oral diseases. No long waiting lists to be seen by a specialist at very affordable prices as a good will to our patients.
  • Cardiology (Heart Clinic)Group of hospital consultants offer this excellent service in Northamptonshire including consultations and investigations
  •  Private Medical Practiceincluding medico-legal, certification, vaccinations and travel clinic.
  •  Plastic Surgery: Park Clinic is privileged to have highly trained hospital consultant to offer full range of plastic surgery procedures
  •  Urologist: including erectile dysfunction, vasectomy and reversals, adult circumcision
  •  Male Circumcision Service Procedures are performed by highly skilled consultant surgeon specialized in pediatric surgery and adult circumcisions
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