Park Clinic -  Specialist Medical and Dental Centre
Circumcision Service
Male circumcision is a religious and cultural requirement, parents travel to other cities to access this service, causing them and their child considerable inconvenience and cost. 
Park Clinic is an independent Dental and Medical Polyclinic offering a wide range of specialist treatments at affordable prices. Park Clinic offers male circumcisions by a very experienced and qualified Paediatric Surgeon, as your son deserves the best treatment. Service is also available for adults(male).
Park Clinic has a dedicated operating facilities and use of disposable sterile packed instruments so there is no risk of infection. 
Park Clinic is registered facility with Care Quality Commission.
Procedures are performed on Saturdays so as to make it easy for parents.
Free ample on the street parking is available for your convenience.
Price Guide 2014 
Plastibell Technique £120.00 (under one year age)
Surgical Procedure  £200.00 (Age 1-8 years)
                                      £250.00 (Age 8-16 years)
                                      £350.00 ( Adult)
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